Winston Churchill in today’s news

How to get off on the wrong foot with Churchill: By the man still wincing from his encounter with the wartime prime minister 70 years later   

A charming piece in the Daily Mail about the time a young boy met the Great Man at Chartwell, while visiting his school friend the young Winston, the old boy’s grandson.

A Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill vertical tasting

champsNovember 5, Mayfair, London. At the InterContinental Park Lane hotel, I am ushered into the taupe private room of the Theo Randall restaurant. Spotlit, tableaued on a white tablecloth, sit 14 magnums and a single four‑bottle jeroboam of Pol Roger’s top champagne: Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill. The dark labels lie stark on white ice in shiny champagne baths, a collection of every vintage made of this rarefied wine, the A-list stars we have come to taste. And then drink. Full article in the Financial Times ‘How to Spend it’.

Churchill’s Faces by Rosemary Hill in LRB



WSC as First Lord of the Admiralty

If anything justifies the use of the word ‘iconic’ to mean an instantly recognisable image with emotive associations it is representations of Churchill. The cigar, the V for Victory sign and the siren suit are the stuff of caricatures, oil portraits and monumental sculpture from Parliament Square to Fulton, Missouri. So potent was his image in the early months of the Second World War that the sculptor Eric Kennington believed it could literally be a weapon. He suggested to Kenneth Clark, who chaired the War Artists Advisory Committee, that polished brass models of Churchill, filled either with propaganda leaflets or delayed-action explosives, might be dropped over Germany.


Full article in the London Review of Books.



Churchill on the new British plastic £5 note

Sir Winston Churchill has been selected as the British figurehead that will feature on the plastic note. The former Prime Minister is set to replace the current fiver snapshot of Elizabeth Fry, an English philanthropist and prison reformer. From The Sun.